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PostPosted: Wed Jun 07, 2017 12:23 am    Post subject:

Hey man glad to see you decided to app. We won't hold the fact that you are Thie's brother against you . We're definitely looking for ranged dps so we'd be happy to accept you on trial. If you can be on tomorrow for heroic NH clear for AP and gear, if not then just a heads up we are taking next week off but the week after is Tomb so you can hit the ground running with us then.


PostPosted: Tue Jun 06, 2017 11:12 pm    Post subject: Elemental Shaman - Malloc


Matt DeWitt





Character Name: 






Main Spec: 



Off Spec: 



Armory Link:


Other Characters: 



Raid Experience:

Raided vanilla WoW as a Human Mage in #2 guild on server; acted as class rep and assisted with loot system. Onyxia, MC, BWL, AQ. Raided some BC as Resto Shaman after Alliance gained access to the class.


If possible link a recent Combat Log (WWS, Warcraft Logs, etc.): 

Just recently started playing again and don't have much experience.


Previous Guild(s): 

Action 9 News, Whisperwind, 2004-2007


Reason for leaving: 

Stopped playing


Why do you want to join our raid team? 

I've been watching my brother raid with you guys and it's bringing back some fond memories of my former raiding days. I even used to be the guy that would record the raid boss kills and make videos later. I'm not quite that hardcore anymore, but raiding still looks like fun and I'd be happy to help out.


Do you know any of our current guild members? 

Brother to Crichton/Nick


How long have you been playing WoW? 

Beta through BC, Leveled a DK in Wrath, and just started playing again about a month ago


What website(s) do you use to gather information about your class/spec and raid boss encounters? 

WowHead, Icy Veins, YouTube


What is your base rotation/spell priority?

Flame Shock, Lava Burst, Lightning Bolt. Earth shock when full Maelstrom. Pop cooldowns (Ascendence, Fire Elemental, Stormkeeper) whenever available. Chain Lightning and Earthquake for AoE.


Historically we raid Tues/Wed/Thurs from 7:30pm-10:30pm CST (Subject to change in WoD), can you make these times on a weekly basis? 

Generally, I am available during those times. I did just purchase a new home that needs a lot of work, so that will take up some of my time occasionally, but I'm happy to help out any night that I'm free.


What is your raid availability? (Days/Times)

Weekday evenings, 6:30-9:30 PM Mountain Time


Do you have discord and the ability to listen to people on it? 



Do you often have issues with bad latency, frame rate or disconnects? (Be honest, we are going to find out soon enough anyway) 

My current rig/connection work fine, but I'm also planning to build a new computer soon and wiring my whole house for gigabit, so then I definitely shouldn't have any problems!


Do you frequently need to go afk during raids? (Kids, food, work, medical reasons etc.) 

I have a couple dogs that need to go out and let back in from time to time.


Why should we take you over some other drood/huntard/melee warlock? 

I hear you guys need some ranged DPS and I can offer that. Plus I have years of previous raid experience. I might be a little rusty, but I should be able to get back into it pretty quick.


Are you willing to respec or be on add duty for the good of the raid if needed?

As long as it's not healing spec. I tried that once; it did not go well. Everyone will be better off .


Do you understand that raid teams have more members than there are raid spots in case of absences, this means that you may not get an invite to EVERY raid? 

Yup, totally ok with that. I'm happy to help when I can.


Out of Exile requires that you have DBM, EPGP Lootmaster and Discord, as well as coming prepared to raids with food/flasks/potions can you abide by that? 

Just need to get the loot mod and I should be set!



Who is Cartman's father?

Originally it was said to be his mother, as she was a hermaphrodite, but it was later revealed to be Scott Tennerman's dad, who Cartman had previously murdered and fed to his half-brother, Scott Tennerman.



Do you agree with this statement? "I have read, understand, and agree to the loot rules used by Out of Exile."




By submitting this application do you understand that if accepted you will be required to follow guild rules and agree to represent Out of Exile in a positive manner towards the rest of the Hydraxis/Terenas server?



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