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PostPosted: Fri May 19, 2017 5:56 pm    Post subject:

Sounds good, zimax#1278

PostPosted: Fri May 19, 2017 5:42 am    Post subject:

Hey thanks for the app. I appreciate the well thought out responses. We are currently pushing Mythic progression and might be extending the lockout this upcoming week so this week may not be the best week...however....we would like to accept you on trial, as soon as we go back to clearing it shouldn't be tough to gear you up and see how you perform on the easy bosses (so be on on Tuesday just in case, and for attendance purposes). We also do a heroic clear for AP on Sundays and you are welcome to come to that for gear/AP/to get to know us. You are welcome to join the guild now if you'd like but if you'd rather wait until after the trial that is totally understandable. If you have any questions feel free to hit me up here or in game. Hope to see you with us soon.


PostPosted: Fri May 19, 2017 2:36 am    Post subject: Raid application - Rogue

Name: Sam

Age:  22

Character Name: Zimax

Class: Rogue

Main Spec: Assassination (based on PTR testing and sims, I may swap to outlaw in 7.2.5).

Off Spec: Outlaw/Sub.

Armory Link:

Other Characters
: Priest/Dh at 110 in a smattering of m+ and pre-hNh gear.

Raid Experience:

I used to be a relatively “hardcore” raider and the rogue leader of a progression guild on Aerie Peak. At 9 hours a week we cleared all content from BC onwards. The guild was even sitting around a world 100 ranking in MoP (Note: I was on hiatus from early MoP to April 2017). My  old guild fractured while I was unsubbed with many players quitting and the more hardcore players moving to help form the current US 3rd guild “Easy” in WoD.

I just returned to wow in April and have cleared NH-heroic.

If possible link a recent Combat Log (WWS, Warcraft Logs, etc.): 

Heroic NH clear:

Previous Guild(s): 
Keepers of the Dusk (Present)


Reason for leaving: 
KOTD: Still a member. I came back to wow and joined the guild to spend time with my father. It is a casual raid environment with a bunch of people who are friends with each other. It’s a great guild. I just want a more competitive raid environment for my main.



Why do you want to join our raid team? 

Your guild seems the perfect fit for what I want and even had ideal times/days for raidis. It also didn’t hurt I was already on the server.

Do you know any of our current guild members? 

How long have you been playing WoW?  

Started in vanilla

What website(s) do you use to gather information about your class/spec and raid boss encounters?

1. When learning a new class, icy veins usually gives suitable basics. After that I usually consult the class discord and talk to some of my friends who still do mythic progression on those classes for further insight. In prior Xpacks I used to help contribute to discussions and number crunching on EJ and SC for rogues specifically.

2. For boss battles, I usually check youtube for a PTR video of them since those display people trying new strats and learning the mechanics. Since my only current content I’ve seen is NH and everything was cleared on youtube by the time I resubbed must admit I have not really figured out the best way to research mythic tactics for ToS when that is released.

What is your base rotation/spell priority?

Mut for CP, maintain Garrote/Rupture on target, envenom to dump combo points. All this while pooling energy to clip envenom buffs during KB and to clip surge of toxin buffs instead of envenom outside of KB. If clipping becomes impossible due to low energy, pool until you either are near cap and CP maxed or until you need to refresh rupture then resume clipping buffs. All of this is done while attempting to sync KB and detta CDs. However, I don’t have assass BiS leggo boots, so I cannot properly sync my CDs yet.

I also have shoulders, so I incorporate mut/envenom guaranteed crit spamming into my rotation during vanish windows.

Historically we raid Tues/Wed/Thurs from 7:30pm-10:30pm CST (Subject to change in WoD), can you make these times on a weekly basis? 

What is your raid availability? (Days/Times)
7-11 CST, can be flexible around that if given advanced notice.

Do you have Ventrilo and the ability to listen to people on it? 

Do you often have issues with bad latency, frame rate or disconnects? (Be honest, we are going to find out soon enough anyway) 

Do you frequently need to go afk during raids? (Kids, food, work, medical reasons etc.) 

Why should we take you over some other drood/huntard/melee warlock? 

Well lets start with the obvious, Huntards are as much a liability to themselves as the enemy. Their pets can stay though, pretty sure they do all the DPS without taking up raid spots anyway. Melee warlocks just want to be melee, and I cannot fault them for that, melee have less mechanics in NH. While I have no arguments pertaining directly to droods in raids, I would like it on the record that rogues have a much lower chance of bringing lice into the caster group.

I am a progression raider who knows the ins and outs of my rogue fully, my character is always properly simmed and stat scaled, I know my roles on fights and do my homework, and once I get geared I assure you that I will absolutely kill it on the meters (Unless there are adds, because adds > meters).  Furthermore, I am already on the server, so if the trial doesn’t work out you don’t have to feel bad about someone burning $50 to Xfer there and back. (You do have to see me sitting in dalaran though)

Cons: I have no mythic-NH gear, so I would be a bit of an item drain early on. Also the aforementioned melee warlock can poke things, soulstone, and summon, I can only stab things.

Are you willing to respec or be on add duty for the good of the raid if needed?

Yeah, perfectly willing to do that, boss dying > dps rankings.

Do you understand that raid teams have more members than there are raid spots in case of absences, this means that you may not get an invite to EVERY raid? 

Out of Exile requires that you have DBM, Exorsus Raid Tools and Ventrilo, as well as coming prepared to raids with food/flasks/potions can you abide by that? 


Who is Cartman's father?

Scott Tenerman’s chili dad.

Do you agree with this statement? "I have read, understand, and agree to the loot rules used by Out of Exile."


By submitting this application do you understand that if accepted you will be required to follow guild rules and agree to represent Out of Exile in a positive manner towards the rest of the Hydraxis/Terenas server?



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